Remember when Snape made fun of the size of a teenage girls teeth and she subsequently chose to change them so they were permanently smaller? What a hero. 

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doot doot


Listen very closely. If you doot one more time, I will hunt you down. Through snow, rain, and scorching sun. I will track you. I will find you. Your ass won’t even have time to get away because I’m that good. I will find you and I won’t kill you. Oh no. I’ll take you away from everyone you love, you slimy little bitch. When I finally have you, I will lock you in a room, a nice room, nothing like a dark basement. But I will keep you in solitary confinement for weeks. After that time, I will sneak into the room one night and slowly saw at you with a butter knife. I will do so to all of your limbs till they are gone. Then I will get you a puppy as an apology present, but you can not pet the puppy or move. The puppy will lick you to death. ONLY if you utter one more doot. 

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You would think that teenagers would be the rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 

Teens always look terrified as customers.

I am always terrified as a customer.

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Me: *at a white persons house*
Friend: my moms making dinner.. Spaghetti with ketchup
Me: my mom said I gotta come home right now immediately

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